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Course providers are loving SimplyCPD. Why? Because of you, our growing community of doctors, now all over the UK.  Together you make an incredibly powerful tool.   The more doctors that use SimplyCPD, the more the NHS and course providers take notice and want to come on board, bringing their CPD events onto the app for your benefit.

So, let's show course providers they're missing out on something big and let's get their courses on the app.  Spread the word - use the course share feature (top right of each course details page) or share the app with colleagues (in settings, bottom right of the app).  

Now is a great time to bring colleagues on board.  Swell the ranks and watch the course numbers increase.  The more users, the more courses. The more courses, the better the CPD access and quality.   That's got to be a good thing for all of us, right?

Share.  Share again.  And then share some more.  Tell two or three colleagues who've not yet downloaded SimplyCPD and watch it grow. 

Spread the love and all that..

..oh, and thanks for being a part of something that hopefully makes all our lives that little bit easier.

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