COVID-19 anosmia: How to help patients in General Practice

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Learn how to assess and manage patients affected by anosmia following a COVID-19 infection
About this course
Loss or change of smell is a common symptom of a COVID-19 infection and affects millions across the world. In this e-learning, we will cover some basics on anosmia, and learn how to assess and manage those patients, focusing in particular on loss of smell due to COVID-19.
The content in this course is based on current literature and the most recent guidelines.

Who's this course for?
GP trainees
Physician Associates
Advanced Nurse Practitioners
Minor Illness Nurses
Medical Students

What you'll learn
After finishing this course, you will:
Have background knowledge on olfactory dysfunction - more specifically COVID-19 anosmia
Understand the pathophysiology around loss of smell due to COVID-19
Understand the assessment of olfactory dysfunction in general practice
Outline the treatment options for patients who develop anosmia due to COVID-19
Dr Ibticem Boughellam MPharm PhD
Ibticem Boughellam is a pharmacist with a PhD, and over seven years of practice as a health & pharmacy editor in the pharmaceutical retail industry.
Her work is focused on delivering the highest quality healthcare content, using the latest guidelines and evidence-based research.
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Alternative Medicine
General Practice (GP)
Foundation Year Doctor
General Practitioner (Locum)
General Practitioner (Partner)
General Practitioner (Salaried)
GP Registrar
Medical Student
Physician Assistant
Specialist Trainee Doctor
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