Mental Health Update Together Course (with GPCPD access and printed handbook)

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6 hrs cpd
Online course
Forget the 6-hour Zoom-style training call! Get online training with a big difference: live interaction with presenters in our studio, and 6 hours of varied teaching and TV-style production to keep you engaged. A date in the diary to join the LIVE hosted event AND the option to watch on demand when it suits you!
Our one-day Mental Health Update course - now with live interaction from our award-winning studio! Join us live for polls & interaction with presenters, OR watch on demand whenever suits you.

Dealing with mental health in a short consultation window is really hard! Mental Health Update Together will give you a range of tools and skills you can use within a 10-minute consultation window, and to teach you how to adopt a structured approach to mental health appointments in every day practice. Get the best of both worlds with our Together online events: convenience & safety of online, with the excitement of live! Tune in live and get a protected day away from the practice whilst earning your CPD with our live hosted online Together events. Like the flexibility of on demand too? We’ve got you covered - the course will be available to watch on demand at any time for 12 months from purchase.

Mental Health Update Together Live Hosted Online Event Dates

Friday 26 Feb 2021

Mental Health Update Together events combine the best of digital teaching with live interactivity, and are packed with engaging content that delivers learning – with varied, dynamic teaching to make the learning stick and help you get it into practice. Just like our face-to-face courses, you’ll earn 6 CPD points for attending and get lots of helpful resources to keep learning the going. We'll post you a printed handbook and give you 12 months access to our online handbook and in-consultation reference resource at

What’s covered?

- The ‘mental health condition families’ - looking at them in a new way.
- How to navigate different diagnostic options - and more importantly, how to explain these with a narrative that helps patients to get better.
- Therapies and drug dilemmas: we'll cover everything from psychological and talking therapy, to drug-based treatments and self-care and promoting physical health.
- Creating new narratives: for a range of mental health disorders we consider how could we describe it to help patients understand their experience? How does someone with this condition think, feel and behave? For many patients, this is a key first step in management.
- Bread and butter conditions like depression and anxiety - focusing on practical skills we can use with patients, promoting self-care, great resources you can share and pitfalls to avoid.
- Strategies for common challenges like repeat attenders and personality disorder.
- ‘Microskills’ like behavioural activation, problem solving and self-compassion that you can start using with patients the next day!
- The ‘risky’ stuff: risk assessment, mental health ‘emergencies’ and the impact of addiction.
- Special groups including children and the perinatal period.
- Well-being of health professionals and how we can look after ourselves.
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