Surviving the new normal - webinar and podcast series for primary care

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A series of modules designed to help you navigate the ‘new normal’. We are living and working through unprecedented times in primary care. At this moment, the intersection of COVID-19, massive workforce redesign through working at scale, the PCN DES and ARRS scheme and a workforce widely acknowledged to be on the edge of burnout, presents enormous challenges. To support individuals and teams emotionally and practically through this difficult time, we have developed a hybrid leadership, management and mental health programme.
A series of modules designed to help you navigate the ‘new normal’

This webinar programme consists of 6 webinars and 6 podcasts - each less than 1 hour long - will be released over 12 months. They can be watched by individuals or together as teams.
Each module will:
• Feature an important topical issue, with practical tools and a simple skill that can be implemented over the next month.
• Be supported by Red Whale written resources and a focused learning activity, to help translate the learning into a very simple action plan.

Who's it for?
Anyone working in the primary care team who needs:
• Permission to prioritise self-care.
• Tools to manage increasing uncertainty and the anxiety this can bring.

Teams who are welcoming new members or who are now working differently, and want to:
• Look out for each other.
• Decide what the ‘new normal’ should be for them.
• Develop healthily, through building trust and understanding.
• Learn how to disagree, conflict and still work well together at the end.
• Explore and evolve their team culture and look at issues around unconscious bias, diversity and racism.

Webinar - 28th October 2020 - Check in with yourself: emotions and how to deal with them
Podcast - 25th November 2020 - Managing stress and burnout
Webinar - 16th December 2020 - Check in with your team: teams in change, teams in crisis
Podcast - 27th January 2021 - Living with anxiety and uncertainty
Webinar - 24th February 2021- Change: why it’s hard, and helping your team through
Podcast - 31st March 2021 - Working well as a team and building a better workplace
Webinar - 28th April 2021 - When teams go wrong: how to conflict well
Podcast - 26th May 2021 - Deciding on your new normal: start with the WHY!
Webinar - 24th June 2021 - How to work with new colleagues
Podcast - 28th July 2021 - Why clinicians get sick and what can we do about it?
Webinar - 25th August 2021 - Diversity, unconscious bias and racism
Podcast - 28th September 2021 - Motivation: how to motivate yourself and your team
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