MediConf Managing your own well being and building resilience -Webinar

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19th May 2022
1.5 hrs cpd
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Increased knowledge in Managing your own well being and building resilience
It is not possible to make progress without experiencing occasional setbacks
and disappointments. However, it is how you respond that makes the difference.
Resilience is now a key competence for managers working under pressure during
periods of change. This session will help you understand what affects your own
resilience and what you can do to support yourself and those you work with.
The session will include:
What is resilience
What affects your stress bucket?
6 Keys to help maintain and build resilience
Approaches to dealing with challenges
In preparation for the session:
Go to the URL
and complete the personal iResilience Report. This will be discussed during the
session. You will not be expected to share your results, but it will help you gain
insight into what you personally drawn on for resilience.

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Webinar Part 1
14:00 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:10
Webinar Part 2 and Q&A's
15:10 - 15:30
Tracy Ellis
Tracy previously spent 15 years as a Lecturer in the Business School at Salford University,
worked as a HR Professional at Salford Royal Hospital and the Greater Manchester
Ambulance Service and as a GP Practice Manager.
For the past 15 years she has worked in Leadership Development roles in 2 universities as well as running
her own consultancy.
She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, ILM Authorised Trainer, Co-Chair of the North West Sta
Development Network for Higher Education
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General Practice (GP)
Foundation Year Doctor
General Practitioner (Locum)
General Practitioner (Partner)
General Practitioner (Salaried)
GP Registrar
Medical Student
Physician Assistant
Specialist Registrar
Specialist Trainee Doctor
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