If doctors did BandAid

Imagine if GPs had penned the lyrics to BandAid/Do they Know it's Christmas.. would it be something like this..?

It’s Christmas time

There’s no need to be afraid

At Christmas time

Your doctor’s working, ‘til very late


Appointments there aplenty

For you to book up with your dross

Had a cold since yesterday?

It’s doctor time!


So say a prayer

Pray for the poorly ones

They can’t get in

It’s hard, but when you’re droning on


There’s a world outside your own one

And it’s a world of real need

Where the only chance of healing

Is if they manage to be seen

But so many phones are ringing

And the dross keeps coming in

Well tonight thank God you’re well instead of them


And there won’t be many appointments left this Christmas time

The greatest thing you can do right now is think

Do I really need to go?  Is this actually just a cold?

Do you really need some doctor time today?


An appeal to you

Stop and think for everyone

Must you go

Or can you just carry on?

Do you really need some doctor time today?


Heal the world

Let others have some doctor time today...

By the SimplyCPD team, with many thanks and oodles of respect to the original composers and lyricists of such a timeless classic - the original BandAid Do They Know It's Christmas/Feed the World.

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