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This is how SimplyCPD was recently described by a respected clinical update organisation

In recent discussions aimed at expanding the offering on SimplyCPD, a senior executive at a well-respected clinical-focused organisation used the words and SimplyCPD in the same sentence.

The point? In the same way that pulls together all options for you should you be searching for accommodation, SimplyCPD does the same when you want or need to find a CPD course relevant to your needs.  And as we now have courses pretty much wherever you are in the UK, you should be able to find something close to you on the app.


SimplyCPD is NOT an appraisal toolkit.   Often doctors assume it is when they first hear of it, perhaps because they’ve no comparison as there isn’t really anything like SimplyCPD out there.


So, just for clarity – it’s a free app, designed by doctors and for doctors, to find and book CPD events relevant and near to you, like searching for a hotel on  It’s got all the big name providers on there – RedWhale, NB Medical, RCGP, BMA, Spire Hospitals – you name it, it’s probably on there, so you only need to go to one place to find your preferred courses!  It’s available on both Android and iOS (did we mention it was free to download and use?!), you can record and export learning too, and we have courses across the whole of the UK.


It’s designed and run by doctors, so it’s pretty much what you need, in a way that you need it, because it’s what we need in the way that we need it!  


Please do download and have a look around, tell your colleagues and help make their life a little easier too.


Hope to see you there soon!


The SimplyCPD team

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