The simple new way to source all your CPD

Built by doctors, for doctors!

We work in the NHS and we understand all about the hassles of finding quality and relevant CPD so we built this app to make your life easier.

We've just launched and we will be adding CPD events like hotcakes and we need your help - spread the word, tell your colleagues, and share courses with them from within the app.  If you know of any good courses or course providers that are not on here yet please let us know so we can add them, by emailing us at  We think we have made a good product but we'd love to hear from you on how to improve it so mail us any suggestions too.  

As we've just launched you may experience a few bugs here and there - please let us know if you do, and be assured we're working hard to make the app work as you want it to.

SimplyCPD - the new way to find CPD.   The more of you use it, the more course providers will want to get on board and bring their courses to you, and the more content you'll get.  Spread the word.  Let's all make finding CPD easy! 

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Built by doctors, for doctors
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