SimplyCPD's Big Update is here!

Your online CPD-finder just got a whole lot better!

We've spent lots of time upgrading SimplyCPD to make it better.  We've listened to feedback and are delighted to launch the update to both the website and the app and for both doctors and course providers.

New features:

Book courses & get tickets directly/Providers receive direct bookings

Online and face to face courses on the app as well as the website

Pay directly at the time of booking for those courses that are not free/Providers receive payments directly 

Update your location so recommended courses are more accurate

Message course providers / doctors directly once booked onto a course

We'll be contacting all the course providers who already work with us (RedWhale, NB Medical, BMA, RCGP, Nuffield Health, Spire, Mediconf etc - all the big-name providers) to update their content.  There's not quite as much at the time of writing because we wanted to wait for the new update before uploading more.

We've had over 28,000 course views to-date and have doctors all over the UK.  And as you know we're doctors too, so we're building this for all of us to make our life easier.  Please do share with colleagues (via the Account icon, bottom right of the app) and follow us on Facebook/LinkedIn - the more doctors using us, the more providers and content we'll have and the more effectively SimplyCPD will meet your needs.


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